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I know there’s been a serious lack of blog posts since Thanksgiving.  Well, don’t think this means that there haven’t been a lot of milestones.  Rather than try and back up and post separate entries for each one, I thought I’d just list some of the bigger ones here.
The huge one was on December 3, when Evelyn started crawling on her hands and knees instead of just pulling herself on her belly.  It took her a couple more days to really get it down, but soon thereafter, she was racing around the house at lightning speed!
On Christmas Day, Evy clapped her hands together for the first time.  She’d been sort of waving bye-bye, but this was the first time she clapped.  After that, she clapped for everything, and eventually would even do it if you said the word “clap” without showing her.
Just after Christmas, Evy decided that she no longer wanted to eat baby food.  So since then, she’s mostly been feeding herself cut up little chunks of food.  Mommy still feeds her the occassional bowl of yogurt or oatmeal with a spoon though.
Also in early January, Evy discovered that she could pull the DVDs off of the shelf.  She thinks that this is a hilarious game and often crawls over, pulls herself up, and “reorganizes” the DVDs for us at least once a day.
Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Catching up